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What Version of V8 My Chromium Browser Is Using ?

Here are two methods that can be use to find the version of the V8 engine that a particular version of node is using.

getting the version of your running Chrome

if you want to find the V8 engine of the version of chrome you are currently running

  1. visit the chrome://version/ page
  2. get the version of the "javascript" engine.

if don't have a running instance of Chrome

If don't have a instance of Chrome running with the version you want to investigate:

  1. check the version of Chrome using the "About" command. For instance, let say it's '36.0.1985.143' .
  2. navigate to[VERSION]/DEPS ( replace [VERSION] with the actual string you found at step 1). In our example, this will be This file, maintained by the Chrome development team contains the description of all the dependencies and components used by Chrome, their location and their version number.

  3. Inside this file, search for the line containing Var("v8").

It will look like:

Var("v8") + '/branches/3.26@22818',
  1. That's it ! the corresponding V8 engine version is 3.26

Here is V8 version for the various Chrome I am using :

Chromium Version V8 version
36.0.1985.143 Windows v3.26@22818
36.0.1985.125 Ubuntu 14.04 (283153) v3.26@21981
36.0.1985.57 IPhone v3.26@21367

This is explained in greater details in this post